Strategic Training Partnerships has partnered with the world’s leading international training providers. This strategic training partnership allows to offer the most comprehensive training portfolio that covers an extensive range of training programs that is suitable for professionals at all levels in any industry. Prior to obtaining a business relationship with, we ask training providers to meet ISO standards for training delivery and services to ensure that we are offering only the best possible learning experience to our valued clients.


Our training providers are accredited and affiliated with the world’s leading governing bodies in different fields of expertise. They combined experience allows us to deliver training courses and in-house training programs that are of the highest quality which results to an immediate and lasting impact for you and your organization.

Working with renowned training organizations allows us to continuously improve our training portfolio, benchmarking each training program to refine and improve its learning outcomes. Our training methodology is cutting-edge and using the latest learning techniques, we are able to transfer the knowledge of our training consultants and achieve maximum learning retention.

Qualifications and Accreditations