Effective Self Management:
Enhancing Your Communication, Coordination and Leadership Skills

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This intensive training course on Effective Self Management:
Enhancing Your Communication, Coordination and Leadership Skills has been specifically designed to give professionals the skills needed to accomplish your company's goals.

Course Schedule

Date Venue Fees($)
10 - 21 Dec 2018 Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia $9,900

Why Choose this training Course?

You may well be asking, why should I choose this training course, when there is multiple, similar training courses available?  We are delighted that you have asked this question!  This life transforming, and unique career building training course, cuts right through out-of-date ideas on leadership, and introduces the latest research on dynamic, results orientated leadership.  From theory, to relevant reality!  From mere information, to powerful transformation!  This training course allows each participant, to be creative, and find what is relevant and best, for his own work situation and position.  This unique Effective Self Management, double module, has been especially designed, to bring you the required and requested results, on enhancing your dynamic leadership and empowering communication skills.  If you want to achieve your top quality, professional leadership excellence, then this superbly designed course, is for you.

Effective self-management will enable individuals to develop the needed disciplines that help bridge the gaps between goals and accomplishment. High achievers are people who have learned to effectively manage themselves, tapping on all resources available to motivate themselves toward the fulfilment of their fullest potentials.

This training course will feature:

  • Identifying what effective personal leadership development requires
  • Understanding the powerful dynamics of interpersonal relationship skills
  • Knowing how to optimise your health and energy to fulfill your goals
  • Analysing powerful communication skills
  • Knowing how to be emotionally intelligent, and build strong relationships
  • How to motivate, build and inspire your Staff


The Structure

This comprehensive training course consists of two modules which can be booked as a 10 Day Training event, or as individual, 5 Day training courses.

Module 1 - Communication, Coordination & Leadership

Module 2 - Effective Self Management

What are the Goals

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a greater sense of personal development and achievement
  • Know how to use powerful emotionally intelligent, interpersonal relationship skills
  • Motivate, empower and build a dynamic team
  • Manage stress more effectively and efficiently
  • Develop strategy towards a greater time-task productivity
  • Be skilled in effective communication dynamics

Your Potential, Our Passion!

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