Finance, Accounting, Costing & Budgeting Trainer

Closing Date: Feb 28, 2018

Location: Worldwide

Are you passionate about Learning & Development?  Do you enjoy travelling to international locations and meeting participants from a wide range of cultures?

If so, you might like to consider working with us.

Job Description Summary

We are looking to recruit expert Finance, Accounting, Costing & Budgeting trainers who can design, develop and deliver short training courses to achieve strategic objectives.

Job Outline

Essential Job Functions

Facilitation Skills

Minimum Qualifications

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Your daily fee and fee for complete 5-days

Courses within our portfolio you could conduct and if you have manuals available or which could be adapted to suit the seminar outline

Courses outside our portfolio you could conduct. Also, please state if you have manuals for the seminars

Please advise titles of seminars you have conducted and duration of each courses

Please name any clients you have previously conducted seminars for


Qualifications and Accreditations